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At JTPratt media, we specialize in WordPress Plugin Development! If you’re looking for a custom WordPress plugin or WordPress programming – our expertise in “WordPress Plugin Development” is second to none.

WordPress is a great open source environment with plenty of free themes and plugins, but if you are going to rely on WordPress for business – you not only need to know that your plugins are going to work, you need to know if you have a problem you have a dedicated support source for them. We look for long term relationships with our clients, and we can create your custom WordPress plugin now, AND maintain it as long as you would like into the future.

WordPress Plugin Development

Wordpress Plugin Development

Wordpress Plugin Development

We can and have created WordPress plugins that do all kinds of things:

  • Affiliate Plugins: Plugins that work with eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASale, LinkShare, Shopping.com, Shopzilla, and more!
  • Content Plugins: Custom plugins for YouTube, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, Article Directories, Google News, Craigslist
  • Social Media Plugins: Custom WordPress plugins for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Groupon, Social Bookmarking sites
  • Aggregation Plugins: RSS Aggregation, Autoblogging, republishing, rewriting, distribution
  • Membership Plugins: Complete public and private membership web sites with custom plugins, or integration of popular plugins such as WishList Member or AMember. Customization of existing WordPress plugins
  • GeoMashup plugins: WordPress plugin development of GeoMashup sites. For example, google maps site plotting nationwide or international events, local deals by store on a google map, etc.
  • WordPress Specific Plugins: WordPress plugins for custom post types, wordpress 3.0 navigation menus, category or tag organization, scheduled posts, content augmentation, content monetization, ad display and rotation systems
  • Custom Widgets: Drag and drop widgets for content, external data, internal data, images, social media, and more
  • Custom Theme Admin: WordPress development inside a theme, we can embed plugin functions into any new or existing WP theme, color pickers, color scheme managers, image upload for header, footer, posts, and/or sidebars, multiple columns, custom theme pages, theme builders, enhanced visual editors, and more!
  • e-Commerce: Shopping carts, paypal carts, shopping cart integration, Clickbank integration, digital downloads and ebook sales, iTunes integration
  • SEO Plugins: Plugins for keyword density, better rankings, linkbuilding, content exchange, internal linking, keyword counting and SEO scoring, image smart SEO, and more
  • Sitemap Plugins: XML Sitemaps, video sitemaps, mobile sitemaps, visitor sitemaps, and image sitemaps
  • Mobile Plugins: WordPress plugins developed to display alternate themes for mobile visitors, to ensure your site is usable on Smartphones like Android mobiles and iPhones.
  • Small Business Specific Plugins: WordPress plugin development for specific markets – such as real estate, mortgage lending and loans, auto dealerships (new and used), etc. When I was working at a Miami Beach real estate company for a couple of years, this happened to me as well.
  • Directory Plugins: WP plugins for creating open directories like Yahoo or DMOZ – only used for specific purposes. Such as wedding vendor directory, insurance agent directory, realtor directory, country, county, or city specific directory, etc.

WordPress Plugin Licensing

Wordpress Plugin Licensing

Wordpress Plugin Licensing

We also specialize in WordPress plugin licensing. Many plugins we create are designed to be sold as “Premium WordPress Plugins”. Most WordPress plugin development has very basic licensing, such as “email registration”, and the only ability they have is to license one or unlimited sites.

We have licensing packages available in any combination you can imagine. You can license plugins out for 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, unlimited (or any number) of domains. You can tie the registration to specific modules (they get only what they pay for). We can tie it into your payment gateway with auto-renewal, and auto-expiration each month. There’s nothing we can’t do with plugin licensing. We can even encrypt and fully obfuscate all the code so it can’t be copied, and create windows based installers and installation wizards for you! Custom training manuals, video training, and support can be provided as well.

For more information, please fill out the form below or visit our custom WordPress plugin page for more detailed information.

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