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Digital Marketing and Website Development Success

Technology Translates Into Sales

In this post-pandemic world your customers demand that you meet them where they are at. They want you to engage with them on their terms on the digital platforms they’re comfortable with. You can’t rely on the the phone to ring just because you have a sign out front or website online. Even if you’re digital savvy, chances are you’re leaving money on the table because potential customers can’t find and engage with your business. And – you might not even be aware of it.

You Need A Digital Strategy

Very few businesses aren’t online in some capacity. Even if you do nothing you’ll probably get a listing in Google Maps. Even if you don’t use social media for your company, you probably have a website. If you have physical products, you might already be listed in delivery services (even if you didn’t sign up). If you have no digital strategy and are successful, this is great news! However, you might be surprised to learn no matter how successful you are there is more money to be made and the competition is taking money from your bottom line.

How We Help Your Business

Years ago you would hire a web site designer or web developer to make a web site for your company. Many hours would be spent writing copy and creating images and assets for the web site (it could be quite costly). What we have learned over the last 20+ years is that everything doesn’t have to be online. You only need enough online to either get the lead or get the sale. In fact, a great majority of people won’t even search for a company using Google anymore. They might expect to order from a web site, fill out a form online, chat in Messenger, DM you on Instagram, find you on Facebook, or just text you.

Step 1: INTAKE

The first time we talk to you, the focus will be on what your product is, and how people find it. Your focus as a business owner should ALWAYS be about this. How can more people find MY product and how can I make it easier for them to get it?

Be ready to answer these types of questions:

  • Who is your customer?
  • How do they find your product?
  • How do they purchase it?
  • What tools do you use online?
  • What are your barriers to sales?
  • Do you have analytics for leads?
  • Do you advertise?


We will create a proposal with a digital strategy crafted specifically for your business growth needs. You will receive an itemized checklist of options that you can choose to implement (either now or later) and the cost(s) associated with each. We will deliver this proposal to you either in person or in a virtual meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

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