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custom wordpress plugin

WordPress has thousands of free plugins available for download in the official repository that are open source. There are also some great premium plugins for sale for specific uses. You can add nearly any functionality you can think of to your website by using a WP plugin.

Clients usually come to us for a custom WordPress plugin quote when they have a specific need for functionality they can’t get in a free or premium plugin.

Usually our WP plugin development falls in one of these areas:

Free WordPress plugin enhancement

There are thousands of free open source plugin for WordPress available for download. Sometimes it’s missing just that one essential feature you need, or maybe it’s just broken or out of date (plugin conflict).

We specialize in enhancing existing plugins for your custom needs.

We have enhanced and customized both free and premium plugins for client projects such as:

  • Contact forms: cforms, contact form 7, Gravity forms, Secure Contact Form
  • Membership: amember, eMember, WP-members, S2Member, Wishlist Member
  • Events and ticketing: GigPress, Event Espresso, Events Manager, Event Calendar, Event Registration, Simple Event Management System, Kino, iCal Events, Google Calendar Events
  • Testimonials and Quotes: WP-Testimonials, SK Testimonials, Testimonials Widget, Quotes Collection, Quote Rotator
  • SEO Plugins: All in One SEO Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, WordPress SEO
  • eBay Plugins: WP-Easybay, PHPBay, WordBay, WP Robot

We have also worked on plugins for video and audio embedding, shortcodes, enhanced visual editors, WordPress security, WP Admin functionality, custom fields, custom post types, specialized theme admin capabilities, custom login branding, custom widgets, Google Maps, SMS texting, subscriptions, RSS feeds, aggregation, API integration, and more.

Another common request we get it to take an existing free plugin and then add functionality to it. Like submitting the contents of a contact form to Or using a related post plugin as a framework for a new plugin to show related ebay auctions or related events.

Fixing plugin conflicts

Often clients upgrade WordPress, their WP theme, or a plugin and something breaks or stops working. In the worst cases it can even break the live website. We can troubleshoot, fix, and maintain plugin problems including out of date plugins, jquery conflicts and issues, theme conflicts and issues, etc.

New WordPress plugin development

If you have an idea for a brand new WordPress plugin from the ground up – we can do that as well. Send us a brief spec detailing your needs, and we’ll respond with an overview and possibly some additional questions.

We have created completely brand new plugins for affiliate stores, testimonials, Google Maps integrations, custom Google sitemaps, custom RSS feed creation and submission, eBay, Amazon, quotes, random content, related posts, events management, and various hard ticketing platforms. We can also connect to or use any API such as flickr, Yahoo, Google, Bing,, Amazon, eBay,, LinkShare, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Experienced WordPress Developers

We’ve been exclusively building WordPress themes and plugins since 2005, and we’re active in the community. We have presented at local WordPress meetups, as well as regional annual WordCamps. We maintain 2 plugins in the official free plugin repository, and we have built and customized hundreds of free and premium plugins as well.

If you would like a quote for your custom WordPress plugin needs – please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

How to Contact Us

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