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Presenting at WordCamp Detroit was an honor, and it was also great to finally have a WordPress conference in Michigan! Thanks again to Anthony Montalbano, Todd J. List, all the other presenters – and everyone else who made it a great success! This year there were 100 participants, with people that had to be turned away because of the size of the venue. That means that next year will be even bigger and better, more than like with 250 participants or more!

It was incredible not only how many people were there to learn to how to use WordPress to it’s fullest, but I was surprised by how many people were there to learn more ways to better use WordPress to make money.

By “making money” I don’t mean using WordPress as a main street business – I mean using WordPress as an affiliate marketer or blogger that’s trying to make some money online for additional (or full time) income. I completely understand what these people are trying to do – because I’ve been an affiliate marketer for years. Since about 2001, in fact (when I first got my Amazon Associates account).

Since there were so many varying types of backgrounds at WordCamp, as far as “networking” goes – I did want to point out that I do two kinds of business online. This is my corporate web site, for clients that need WordPress plugin and theme development, SEO work, PPC management, Online Marketing, etc. My JTPratt.com blog, however, contains 300+ posts about both hacking WordPress, and making money online (with WordPress). So if that is also your interest, I highly encourage you to visit that site as well.

Without further ado, here is a link to download my presentation from WordCamp Detroit (7MB, just right click and “save as”), it’s in powerpoint format. If you have powerpoint, or don’t want to download it, just view it embedded in this page below. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below, or to use my contact page. Please use the links at the right to connect with my on Facebook and Twitter.

WordCamp Detroit Presentation: Hacking Themes