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Widget Logic Visual

Today we released version 1.5 of the Widget Logic plugin for TotalBounty.com. Widget Logic is a great plugin that allows you to control the display of widgets on your WordPress website. By default widgets display on all pages, but by using “conditonal tags” (WordPress PHP template code) you can control where and how things display in your theme.

Widget Logic Visual puts the ability to use these conditional tags in the hands of normal WordPress website owners that don’t know any code. You can point and click your way through setting “limitations” and rules as to where and when widgets display.

New in version 1.5 is the ability to add either visual limitations OR the conditional tag code. This is because we had multiple requests from advanced users who didn’t want to jump back and forth from the original plugin to this one to use or not use code. Now both abilities are in Widget Logic Visual, and developers can use it, but they can use it on client sites as well for people with basic WP knowledge. The interface has also been cleaned up, help text added, and overall it’s a clean user experience than in the previous release.

Visit the Official Widget Logic Visual Page.

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