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Every WordPress website is initially built the same way. They all have a login page and there are two ways to get to it. If you’ve used WordPress for any length of time you probably already know that you can access the login screen for nearly any WordPress powered website by adding /wp-login.php or /wp-admin to the domain name. Both bring up the same login form. Anyone trying to break into your website would try those two URL’s first.

There are technical ways to “move your wp-admin login” to a new URL, but the easiest way is to just use a plugin. In the spirit of “there’s a plugin for that”, you might want to try Lockdown WP-Admin.

lockdown wp admin login

In the image above (click for full size) you’ll see how easy the plugin options are. Just check the box if you want to disable the logins to anyone that isn’t logged in. Also you can rename the login from wp-admin to anything you want. Make it /login or /logmein. This adds a bit of extra security to your WordPress powered website and makes it a little less “standard”.

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