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If you want to know “Best Practices for WordPress and SEO”, you came to the right place! Last night I spoke at WordPress Ann Arbor for their meetup group and spoke about WordPress and SEO.

WordPress Ann Arbor

WordPress Ann Arbor

I thought it was a great presentation – and not because I gave it, but because I was able to give about 30 people a decent understanding of what SEO is, and best practices for using SEO inside a WordPress web site. I’m also happy that now I can supply that presentation slide deck to others, and thanks to Lindsay Babl (Ann Arbor Graphic Design) – who was kind enough to run my Flip video, I have 99% of the presentation on video for you to watch. The slide deck has great info, but trust me – if you watch the video (all 1 hr and 10 minutes of it) you’ll get MUCH more out of the presentation. I would also like to thank Ross (3.7 Designs), and Declan (Logic by Design).

I want to thank all of the attendees of the WordPress Ann Arbor meetup, because I think that all the questions the audience asked were valid and timely. It helps me to get input and questions like that, so I can add to the material here – and over time we can educate even more people on WordPress and SEO. I’m going to get this page well ranked for Best Practices for WordPress SEO over time – and hopefully we can help thousands of people across the world.

What’s in the Best Practices WordPress SEO Presentation

Well, that’s a good question. As I mention in the video – I put this presentation together to help people understand SEO as a whole, and how it applies to WordPress. I don’t think there’s much sense just showing how WordPress SEO plugins work, if you don’t know the basics of how SEO works, and how search engines rank pages. If you go through the complete slide deck and watch the entire hour long+ video, you will learn:

  • What is SEO?
  • What is Keyword Research?
  • What is Competitive Analysis?
  • WordPress Web Site Configuration for SEO
    • WordPress SEO Plugins
    • WordPress Sitemap Plugins
    • Search Engine Registration
    • WordPressSitemap Submission
    • WordPress Commenting Plugins
    • WordPress internal linking strategy
  • On-Site Content Optimization
  • Link Building and Online Promotion

This is information that people pay thousands of dollars to get from agencies and professional SEO’s (and some keep it to themselves). I firmly believe that everyone who owns a WordPress powered web site should have this information.

Download Best Practices WordPress SEO Presentation Here

You can download the slide deck for the presentation at the link below. When I add embed the video to this page once it’s done processing, I’ll also embed the presentation here once I throw it up on slideshare.

Best Practices for WordPress and SEO

Best Practices for WordPress and SEO Video

There’s an hour and ten minutes of video from this presentation processing right now. It’s going to take me about a day to get it edited and up to YouTube. I’m going to put it there (and embed it on this page once done) in hopes that others will embed and use the videos on their sites as well – and we can reach even more people. Please revisit this page within the next 24 hours to watch the video (I have to break it up into 5 videos due to YouTube’s 15 minute upload limit).

There’s a signup form at the bottom of this page, if you give me your email (don’t worry, your privacy is safe with me) – I’ll notify you each time this page is updated or we have more information or resources about WordPress and SEO.

Best Practices for WordPress SEO Resources

Well, this is what every wants – the resources that go along with the WordPress SEO presentation. I couldn’t exactly throw out a bunch of links in the presentation – everybody wouldn’t be able to write them all down, so here are the resource web sites that go along with the content of the video and slide deck presentation (more links to be added soon):

SEOMoz Search Engine Ranking factors

Google Takes Action against Content Farms

All in One SEO Pack

Platinum SEO Pack

Google XML Sitemaps

Search Engine Webmaster Control Panels:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Why Am I Providing this Information for Free

Because I’m a firm believer in Karma and the “Pay it Forward” mentality. Just because I’m giving away this information, it doesn’t mean I’m giving away my services or secrets for free. Many people read all this information about SEO – and once they see how much work it is – they just want somebody else to do it all for them (me!). Others are freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or simple people out of work trying to gain new skills. Kudos to you – I hope this information helps you in some small way become more successful!

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