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With more than 55 million WordPress powered websites online now, there are plenty of reasons people would want to import content from other website CMS (content management systems). The question for most people is – how do you do it?

Luckily enough there are all kinds of WordPress import tools and plugins online, many of which are freely available in the repository. We always search the WordPress repository first when looking for any solution since “there’s almost always somebody that had that problem before you”.

Here’s some plugins that might help you import content from other types of websites for migration WordPress:

Need to move your Tumblog from Tumblr to WordPress? Try the Tumblr Export for WordPress.

Tumblr export import into wordpress

You might also like to try Tumblr Importer, written by Ott42 (core submitter to WordPress).

If you were using Posterous for your blog or website, you could use the

If you’re been using the Mambo CMS for your website, you could import the content to WordPress using the Mambo Importer plugin.

You could also try the Joomla / Mambo to WordPress Migrator:

Joomla Mambo WordPress migration import

If you’re using the older Joomla 1.5 version there’s always the Joomla 1.5 Importer.

Joomla 1.5 WordPress import tool

Another (smaller) CMS that used for website management is “e107”, and there’s even a e107 to WordPress Importer.

Maybe you just have static website content, and no idea how to get that imported into WordPress. That’s fairly simple work with the HTML Import 2 Plugin:

HTML to WordPress import

If you’re using the Typo3 CMS system, you could use the Typo3 to WordPress importer.

Typo3 WordPress importer

For users that have a Movable Type webiste, you can use the Movable Type Backup Importer to get your content inside WordPress.

Movable Type to WordPress import

Maybe it’s images you need to import inside WordPress, and in that case you could use the Gallery2 Importer

Gallery2 to WordPress import

There are other types of importers available too, such as the Delicious XML importer – which could be used to import all of your delicious bookmarks.

Also, if all you want to do is move a WordPress website from one location, server, domain, or sub-domain to another – consider using the XCloner backup and restoer plugin.

XCloner backup restore WordPress

If you need help moving, migrating, backing up, or importing content into your WordPress website, please consider our Web Development Services.