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JTPratt Media is proud to announce the relase of Widget Logic Visual 1.4 in the official WordPress.org plugin repository today. We coded this plugin and entered it in the repository for Total Bounty Marketplace.

We’ve had the idea for this plugin for a very long time, and it was great to see Total Bounty sponsor development for it. The original widget logic plugin has been around a few years now, and once installed it supplies an input box at the bottom of every widget you have. Once you add PHP code for WP template conditional tags for each widget, you can restrict what pages or sections of your website the widget appears on for visitors. That plugin worked great – but if you weren’t a WordPress coder (or technical), just exactly how to make it work right could be outright confusing.

Widget Logic Visual works on the same concept – except you don’t need to know any coding at all – you just point and click where you want the widget to appear, simple as that. Now anyone with any level of WP experience can make widgets appear wherever they want without having to code their WordPress theme or hire a developer.

You can set as many or few rules as you’d like (for each widget). For instance, you could show a widget on just a single page, or on all pages. You could show on just one category or all categories. You can even add “exception” rules – like show on all pages “except” the homepage, etc.

Here’s a short video on how the plugin works:

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