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A website without SEO is a business with no external sign or phone. You can’t expect to people to find you, unless you actuallly come up in search results for keywords relevant to your business. Just having a website isn’t enough.

We offer SEO services for all website clients knowing that search engine optimization isn’t something that you can’t just turn off and on. To gain online authority and exposure takes a targeted plan with actionable items.

What is SEO?

Search optimization is more than just ‘keywords’ and building links. SEO is a complete strategy that builds your website’s online authority over time to generate more traffic (and sales and leads) for your business. SEO can generate organic (free) traffic, or paid (Adwords and ad campaign) traffic.

For best results, most SEO efforts begin within your website setup and configuration to ensure search engines are finding you. Then we analyze how your content and keywords are configured, and compare that to what your competition is doing. Last, externally we build links and content that point to your website for best results. The best SEO strategies include social media as well (since that now counts as much as 30% of your Google ranking score).

Let Us Help You

Let us help you build an SEO campaign that suits your website needs and budget. Below is a list of SEO services that we perform most often for clients. We offer a free initial SEO consultation and assessment for all new clients – just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

[toggle title=”Local Search Optimization”]

If your product or service needs exposure in conjunction with local search terms (zip code, phone number, street address, city, state, region), we perform local SEO for both websites and profiles. To learn more we have a specific page for local search optimization services

[toggle title=”SEO Audits”]

Do you know what your online authority is? Find out where you stand online against your competition. Our SEO Audit will tell where you are doing well and where you are lacking for search engine rankings. We will analyze your on-Site SEO, keywords, HTML code, page load speeds, incoming traffic and analytics, and more. All to create an actionable list of items that should be executed to give you the perfect SEO foundation for good rankings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Competitive Analysis”]
Who is your competition? What keywords are they using? How much are they spending on Adwords campaigns? How hard would it be to compete with them on the first page of Google? Our competitive analysis will not only tell you what keywords are best to use for your market, but who the competition is and what their online authority is as well. We will create an actionable list of items necessary to compete head to head with them on the first page of Google.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Keyword Research”]

Do you know how to pick keywords that attract visitors that are actually ready to by vs. just browing? We haven’t met a client yet who has had their target keywords exactly right. We can show you exactly what keywords are most relevant and best to use for your market, both for sales and conversions, and for rankings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”On-Site SEO”]

Did you know that 60% of your ranking signals are determined inside your own website? Thousands of people can link to you, but if your website isn’t properly setup for the right keywords you will never attain (and keep) top rankings for a competitive spot. Our on-site SEO will give you the proper foundation for your website necessary for long term rankings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Landing Pages”]

Whether you’re using Google Adwords or not – you need landing pages that were built for conversion. Do you know which landing pages convert best for your market? Have you performed split testing? Have you tried multiple landing page? Are you tracking conversions? We can help with everything necessary for top notch well converting landing pages.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Linkbuilding”]

Linkbuilding is probably the most time consuming and misunderstood element of SEO. Your online authority is determined by the amount of people linking to your website (and their authority). In most cases if you want good rankings online, you must build up your external links. We can set your website up with a regular linkbuilding schedule for top rankings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Google Ranking”]

Not sure how to get the top spot in Google? Our SEO Services will tell you what the competition is for your most relevant target keywords, and how long it should take to get ranked for them over time.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Split Testing”]

Split testing is the art of testing multiple ad and landing pages to find the one(s) with the best conversion rates. We can help find the words and layout that entice your visitors to click and buy more often.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Analytics Review”]

Our analytics review takes the mystery out of your stats. Let us explain what all the numbers mean, how to improve them, and show you how to setup goals and funnels to figure out where visitors are leaving your website (before making a sale).[/toggle]

[toggle title=”PPC Management”]

We have monthly maintenance and setup packages for Google Adwords campaigns for small business and corporate clients. We take all the headache out of keyword research, ad creation, landing page creation, bid management, and bringing up your adwords quality score.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Reputation Management”]

Having problems with your competition saying bad things about you? Are you being plagued with bad reviews or things that simply aren’t true about your business online? We can help management your website reputation in search results.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Google Panda and Penguin Damage Control”]

One day you’re on top of Google and the next day you’re not? You might have been victim of a Google Panda or Penguin algorithm update. If Google doesn’t think your content is relevant, or if you have low quality links pointing to your website, you might easily lose search rankings in one of these updates. We can put together a strategy to put you back on track.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Social Media Management”]

We offer SMM or social media management services for business websites including setup and configuration of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and more.

Socia Media is more than just having an account and posting updates to your products and services. It’s building a brand and making connections with people that last over time. We can help build a meaningful social media strategy that will have an actual impact on your bottom line.[/toggle]

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