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malware removal guarantee JTPratt Media has been removing malware from WordPress websites for 4+ years, and building WP websites since 2004. You will not find a more thorough WordPress website security and hardening process – nor will you find a satisfaction guarantee like ours anywhere online. After each job we will provide you with a step by step work manifest of everything we did to protect and secure your website. We specialize in preventative maintenance, and offsite disaster recovery setup. Not one single client has come back to us with an re-infected website after we performed security and hardening services – NOT ONE.

WordPress is installed on more than 75 million websites, and currently powers more than 26% of the Internet. Because of this large footprint, naturally for hackers and spammers it’s a great target. WordPress is a very mature and secure website publishing platform out of the box, but our security and hardening services will leave hackers and spammers out in the cold.

For most businesses a website is an extension of the business, and if it’s down or not listed in google properly – the business loses leads and sales. If your website were infected with malware and “blacklisted” then your visitors would see a warning like this one (instead of your homepage):

Google malware blacklist warning

When WordPress websites become infected with a virus or malware – typically it’s a hacker or spambot script with an agenda trying to break your website, add spam links, or hijack your traffic and redirect it somewhere else (for their profit).

We receive inquiries every week from the following types of WordPress hacked website infections:

  • phpspy infections
  • blackhole malware exploit kits
  • blackhat SEO spam
  • backdoor infections
  • gzip eval attacks
  • php infections
  • database injections
  • timthumb attacks
  • spam link hacks
  • iframe attacks
  • website redirect attacks
  • javascript hacks
  • .htaccess hacks and redirections

We offer two types of services, WordPress security and hardening (preventative maintenance), and malware removal (fix broken and infected websites). In both cases we have a tested, proven process for securing and hardening your WordPress website. For most client websites there are more than 35 steps to complete the process from beginning to end.

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Security and Hardening Aftercare: Website Disaster Recovery

What’s sets JTPratt media apart from online security and malware removal services like is our attention to detail and aftercare. If we fix your broken or infected website, we don’t want to ever have to fix it again. We would much rather help you add additionalfunctionality, or get ranked in Google for competitive keywords.

Most business websites do not have a working disaster recovery plan for their business – let alone their website. We find that with most clients – the website is the only part of their business they have no insurance for at all. Most business websites are hosted in shared hosting facilities, where (buried in the fine print of the terms and conditions) web hosts are not responsible for any data at all.

We offer 3 different website disaster recovery plans that can be setup after the completion of security and hardening work:

Free Website Disaster Recovery: There are many free WordPress plugins we can install for backup of a WordPress database or files – with options such as email delivery, dropbox, or Amazon S3 backup storage. With these options website restoration or recovery would be automated and manual (but at least you have an option).

Basic Website Disaster Recovery: For basic protection, if you purchase a license for Backup Buddy, we can install a plugin that automates offsite backup for your website. All website files and database will be backed up outside your website in Amazon S3 or another location, in “versioned” backups. Backup Buddy offers 1 click backup from any point in time to restore your entire website.

Business Website Disaster Recovery: If your website is for business, it makes more sense for us to setup the service to protect your online investment. We can configure this service for 30 days of versioned offsite backup in Amazon S3 or dropbox, as well as setup alerting and uptime monitoring and traffic increase (or decrease) notifications. For clients with online marketing campaigns, we can also setup SEO ranking and tracking reports for keywords.

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What Our Clients Say

Here are a few actual testimonials from our clients:

Wordpress Malware REmoval

JTPratt Media came to the rescue when our nonprofit website was infected with malware and beyond our ability to correct. As a whole team, they clearly understand the urgency of getting WordPress sites fixed and back in safe, working order.

We were impressed with their considerate manner, depth of knowledge, and very affordable pricing. As a nonprofit, we now feel like we have someone “in our corner” to help assure that our website is safe. We can continue to use WordPress, which is very cost effective for us, with the knowledge that our site is better protected and more secure moving forward.

We highly recommend JTPratt Media and we’ve extremely glad we turned to them.

— Katie Powell, Family Service of Chester County

Wordpress Multisite Break Fix work and Malware Removal

JTPratt Media:

Thank you to you and your team for the work that was done last night. We knew our WordPress multisite installation was infected with a virus, but had no idea about the hidden spam links that had been in the community schools themes.

In working with you and seeing how hard you worked on this project I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your services. At the board meeting I let everyone know how hard your team worked to get this done in a timely manner (going far above and beyond the call of duty).

It was a pleasure working with you John. I truly mean that. In the future if I have any website problems your company is where I will turn for great service.

Thanks again,

Dustin Cogan
District Technology Coordinator
Maquoketa Community School District

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