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If you own a business website, it’s whole purpose is to get as much exposure as you can. The more traffic you get, the more you can add to your bottom line by converting it to sales and leads.

If your business provides products or services that are could be found in conjunction with an address, city, state, zip code, or region – this would be considered a “local search”. To come up in appropriate and relevant search results you should consider “local search optimization” for both your website, and your online company listings. We are local search optimization experts that can help your business get the most out of it’s online presence.

We offer the following local SEO services:

Local SEO Website Optimization:

We can research which local keywords are searched most often in your market in conjunction with someone who is ready to “buy” (vs. someone just browsing). Then, we add those keywords to the appropriate places within your website to get found by search crawlers.

Local SEO Optimization for Google Maps and Places

We will register and setup and optimize your online business listings in Google local (Maps and Places) for the most effective keyword results relevevant to your business. We offer this service for Google Local, Bing Local, and Yahoo local.

Local SEO Optimization for Directories

Google, Bing, and Yahoo local area great, but there are also other very high profile directories that you can optimize a business listing for local SEO including Yelp and CitySearch (among others).

You might also be interested in reading our blog post How Does Local Search Optimization Work for real world examples and screenshots of local SEO in action.

We can help your business get found in more local search results, please fill out form below for more information.

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